Water Based Aluminium Paints

* Single component Water Based Aluminium Paints that does not crack or peel off at high temperature
* Water Based Aluminium Paints Available in 5 ranges for service conditions till 210°C, 410°C, 610°C, 810°C & 1000°C
* Water Based Aluminium Paints Good stability to colour and severe thermal cycling when temperature fluctuate from ambient and high temperature.
* Specially developed coating formulation for sulphur resistance available.


Salient Features Of Water Based Aluminium Paints:
  * Good resistance to extremes of weather, saline environment and boiling water
  * Wide Industrial applications in Refineries, Cement Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, Power Plants, Chemical Plants , Offshore      rigs, OEM appliations, Marine & Military.
  * Available in variety of standard and custom colours.
  * Excellent aesthetic apperance

* Chimney
* DG Set
* Under insulation installations
* Stack
* Furnace
* Burner
* Boiler
* Oven
* Exhaust
* klin
* Silencer